Redefining Emergency and Supplemental Power

Here are more pictures from Maker Faire 2013 where we presented Electricity on Tap - our Hybrid Generation System

There were great interactions at the Faire and the last day we received the Maker of Merit award
VIP conversations at our booth, right to left: David Mellis (Arduino founder), David Cuartielles (Arduino founder), Jason Krinder (Texas Instruments), Gerald Coley (Texas Instruments), John Igoe (Arduino founder), Bernardo Starosta (Terabatt FL)
Bernardo Starosta (Terabatt FL) receives the Maker of Merit Award from Alessandro Ranellucci (Slic3r founder)
Massimo Banzi (Arduino Founder) and Fabrizio Bocco (Developer and Terabatt team member)
Tom Igoe (Arduino founder), David Mellis (Arduino Founder), Fabrizio Boco (Terabatt ), David Cuartielles (Arduino Founder), Bernardo Starosta (Terabatt)
Team Terabatt at Maker Faire New York: Bernardo Starosta, Daniel Starosta, Elias Benarroch (not in picture: Samuel Tagger)
Beautiful paella at Maker Faire New York
Galileo board announcement at Maker Faire Rome, right to left: Brian Krzanich (Intel CEO), Massimo Banzi (Arduino founder), Dale Daugherty (Maker Faire)
Our presentation was part of the main event and very well attended